October 16, 2011

Modular Cathedral: Big spinner block

The modular cathedrals experimentation is still going. I got slowed down by summer vacation but I'm back in action.

This is constructed just like the "little spinner" block but the color layout creates a different effect. I'm calling it big spinner!

Eight squares - two squares of each color. Press one square in each color in half along the diagonal.
Lay them out to look like this and use a dot of glue in each corner of the folded squares to secure it to the background squares.

Construct the block (with or without a border) and pin back the folded edges.

Am I crazy enough to switch thread colors three times? No. Once? yes.

I really wish the curve was more pronounced, but what I've learned through this project is that there is only so far you can fold the edge back before the block puckers. Proportionally, small blocks will fold back farther than large blocks. I have been starting with 5 inch blocks and it's just a little too big. I think 4" might be ideal. But I started at this size and I'll be seeing it through just so I can have an actual finished project at the end instead of a bunch of random straggler blocks.

Now how about this beautiful project being made with modular cathedrals? Lovely!


cathy@home said...

Beautifull I wish my straight lines did not look so curved

Elsa said...

Fab block Christina, love the colors too!

Jill said...

Really cool looking block! I think the curve is pronounced enough - I mean it definitely doesn't look like a half square triangle, it's really interesting to look at, will make a cool quilt!

Sandra Kaye said...

Okay, I have got to give this a try!! I love the look of this block. Thanks for sharing!! Come see me at my blog-- I'm giving away a quilt. Hugs

Mishka said...

This block turned out great.

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