October 18, 2011

That day in the sun

Guess what? I received a few photos from some fellow Burning Man participants.

Ariel and her boyfriend found the Black Rock Stitchery on the playa and stopped to sew.

Sorry I had to draw that shirt on ya, Ariel. Don't want Google mad at me for adult content!

I love that they got a picture of the official Black Rock Stitchery transportation...

and that they brought a gnome.  There always seems to be a gnome around at Burning Man.

I got a sunburn in the pattern of those awesome tights.

Thanks for the photos of that beautiful day, Ariel!


Gene Black said...

What a blast that must have been.

Elsa said...

looks fun but really dusty ~ and got to love gnomes.

grendelskin said...

Too cool! That must've been one awesome sunburn! How much does your machine hate the dust and sand?

P├ętra said...

I love the shirt you put on her how funny. I am sure she understands and it's so nice people have sent you photos.

anotheryarn said...

Fun to see photos, and now I don't remember, how did the treadle clean up?

Suzanne said...

The bicycle shot is wonderful!

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