November 14, 2013

Susan Beal's Sewing For All Seasons

I have the pleasure today of showing you a beautiful book by my friend and fellow quilter Susan Beal. It's a book of sewing projects from someone who clearly loves the natural world around her.

First things first. Hardcover book. Love that.

Next: Little cards from Susan's book planning process. It's so personal and behind-the-scenes, what a great touch.

Also: gorgeous.

Finally, well written, just the right amount of illustrations, easy to follow.

I thought these little mason jar cozies were the cutest thing ever so I sat down to make one as soon as possible. The pattern called for fusible batting, which I don't own; I substituted a quilted leftover instead!

I think the concept of this book is inspired, and Susan really does it justice. None of the projects are fussy. All of them are things I could see myself making. I'm really pleased to have it. Thank you for the gift of your beautiful book Susan!


Margaret said...

It has all the makings of a clear, colourful instructional book. Well done! Congratulations to your friend on her book venture!

Michele said...

I love to read real life reviews of books before I buy them. Now I can't wait to see this one myself.

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