May 23, 2017

Tough gloves for Free-Motion Quilting

BIG NEWS in my little world. I'm on DVD! My Craftsy class Free Motion Quilting Essentials is fresh out on DVD, which I know a number of you with slower bandwidth have been asking for! I'm so thrilled Craftsy is taking this step!

Here is a link to the DVD, which includes the same 7 lessons that are in the online class as well as the course materials. And of course, it also shows me in my cutoff gloves on the cover which I know makes me look like tough stuff.

I cut the fingers off my gloves because I like having fingers that can do things, like thread my needle, take out basting pins and of course, use my touch screen phone to take pictures of what I'm doing. The internet needs to know!!

I find that when I'm using my gloves to FMQ it's really the palms and outer fingers that are doing the work of moving the piece, so cutting off the fingertips doesn't change my control over the piece I'm quilting. But it does make things so much cooler and I don't have to take the gloves off and on all the time.

I bring sample gloves with the fingers cut off for my students to try in my classes and most find that after they've tried them that way, they don't want to go back. Seriously, it's cutoff season everyone. Summer is almost here. Pull out the scissors.

If you're just starting and not so sure about cutting up your gloves, try starting with just the tip of the first finger of your dominant hand. Pretty soon you'll probably want the other tip free, and then the thumbs and then you'll be stopping me at QuiltCon telling me how we are badass fingerless gloves soul twins! I love it. I'm so glad we met in the future. You rock.

Oh, another note about the DVDs, Craftsy is releasing only some of their classes on DVD but happily ALL THREE of my classes made the cut!

Free Motion Quilting Essentials
Wild Quilting 
Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting

Happy stitching everyone!


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Congratulations, Christina! You rock! - ;))

gray la gran said...

i'm watching one of your Craftsy classes now ~~~ and I got some gloves to cut off this past weekend. I love them! thank you for instruction, inspiration, and tips :)

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Christina,
I don't know anyone else that has their own DVD! Congratulations. ~smile~

Gene Black said...

I am so happy that you taught me about cutting off the fingertips/thumbs of my gloves. It really helps to speed me along as I am not always taking off/putting on the gloves.

Christine B said...

Your tip about the gloves is awesome Christina and congratulations on the new DVD! Very well-deserved! Christine x

KaHolly said...

Congratulations! I was wondering if this was a good thing. I only dut my thumb and index finger off, and only from the first joint up. It has worked perfectly for me. I quickly got tired of taking my gloves off for every little thing!

KittyAnn said...

I cut my index and thumb off my gloves after seeing you on one of the quilting channels on the web a few months ago, LOVE it!! Best thing ever. The gloves I've used for a couple of years come from Wal-Mart's gardening section, I buy a couple of sets at a time because they are only $3 for 3 pairs of gloves!! I gave a couple away to quilty friends to use and they get hooked on their fingers being free too! You have started a 'glove thing' Christina. :) The gloves are made from a stretch knit fabric with the fingers and palm having the 'grippy' coating. Seriously, for the low cost everyone should head to Wally World before the season ends and get a few pairs!!

Heidi said...

Ahaha, embrace the rough and tumble! I love F&P gloves, but they do wear quickly. Perhaps because I wear them snugly & tend to do things with on, like safety pins, but when the thumbs and fingertips wore holes through my first pair, I went a bought a new pair, then found I was still reaching for the old ones. It is nice to have tips exposed & yours are a fashion statement too!

JC in TX said...

Congratulations on your DVD releases!! I also cut the tips off my gloves! Makes a HUGE difference in my comfort & so much easier to 'design' as I FMQ!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cool! I don't have internet in my sewing room, but, I do have a DVD player in there.

Sarah Craig said...

Congrats on the DVD release - I may pick them up to keep at church for the ministry ladies to use, your classes are so good! And I love hearing your "voice" in this post - sounds just like you!!!

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