May 10, 2010

Oh Mama! What a ride!

My loving husband asked what I wanted for my birthday, which, lucky him, fell in the same week as Mother's Day, a double whammy he will be managing every year for the foreseeable future. He could hardly believe me when I said I wanted a day to sew. What? No iPad? No new sewing machine? No new laptop? No dear, but some flowers would be nice now that you mention it!
The flowers were obtained, as was a babysitter, and on my birthday we went to a restaurant that I had been wanting to try for months now. While we were there I was so giddy. "I feel like a celebrity!" I gushed. "You're just happy we're not chasing a toddler," he said.

It was exactly how I wanted to feel on my birthday. A little happy celebration, a break from the routine. Everything got weird after that. The Little One dove over me and out of our bed in the middle of the night, thankfully sustaining no injuries, but scaring me enough to keep me from falling back asleep. Then at work the next day I developed a stomach ache. Not any stomach ache. A pacing, leaning and eventually laying on the floor stomach ache.

I ended up having a coworker drive me to the Emergency Department where I learned that I am not a big weenie, I indeed had appendicitis! I went into surgery, I came out of surgery. I spent a night in the hospital, my first night ever away from the Little One, and was discharged the next morning.

I figure sewing on Vicodin is a good way to end up with a needle in your finger. So I've been napping instead. A few more days off before I return to work. Maybe I'll feel well enough to get that day of sewing in after all. In the meantime, I've been reminded that the routine isn't so bad and this mama has a lot to be thankful for (not the least of which is health insurance!).


Unknown said...

Oh my heck! What a crazy weekend for you! feelnbetter soon.

QuiltedSimple said...

oh no! what a crazy weekend for you! hope you are feeling better - take care of yourself

Anonymous said...

I asked for an hour alone, sans baby, to go for a jog. Now that's a Mother's Day treat.

Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Yikes - feel better soon Mama!

Unknown said...

Hope you are feeling okay now and still get some time to sew.

Megan said...

Oh my! I just came over from the Portland Modern Quilt site to check out your blog. Holy cow - hope you're feeling better!

Appendicitis is a pain like no other (I had it in college - couldn't walk, couldn't even sit or stand straight).

At least it'l be a birthday/Mother's Day you'll never forget!

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