June 08, 2010

Oh Seattle

We spent Memorial Day getting rained on in Seattle instead of getting rained on in Portland. The picture above was taken on Pike street where there is a quirky fabric store right next to the super sex positive Babeland. My two great interests right next to each other. Always makes me smile.

I like getting fabric as a souvenir when I travel, so I got small cuts of these Echino prints. I think I'll be making some quilted coasters out of these strange treasures. I find those bicycles especially charming!  I justified the outrageous imported-from-Japan prices by pointing out to myself all the different prints in one fabric. "It's like getting three fabrics in one!" I reasoned. This is what a crazy person sounds like.


Joyce said...

Fabric is absolutely the best travel souvenir. I too collect fabrics that way.

Megan said...

Not crazy at all. But then, I can find many MANY ways to justify fabric purchases! And those bicycles are so great.

Maiasaura said...

i don't know, it makes total sense to me.

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