June 12, 2010

Sewing for men

I consider it no minor achievement that I have altered a couple shirts and my husband actually wears them. To work. In public. Something that I stitched. I know, you're speechless.

I probably have it easier than a lot of sewists in the "my guy won't wear stuff I make" category. Here's a guy who likes to go to Burning Man and always wants things that are a little "different", things with an edge. But not a girly edge. And not too different. Trying to strike that balance sometimes paralyzes me. Sorry for all the rumpliness. One of the shirts had just been worn and the other is clean but I only use my iron for quilting. Ha!

This one has black fabric satin stitch appliqued and then stitching added for detail. I didn't use any fusible anything, just spray starch and a glue stick, in a process I will elaborate upon sometime in the future.

This one has a branch pattern free motion stitched over "Ultra Solvy" on which I had drawn the pattern I wanted to stitch. I then washed away the Ultra Solvy in water, leaving just the stitching. Like the process above, I'll have to do it again sometime and remember to take pictures.

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free indeed said...

Very cool! Don't think my hubby would go for the look, but my sons sure would have when they were still in HS! Well done and kuddos to your hubby for being so supportive!

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