June 30, 2010

Technology is making me a better quilter

Exhibit A: Flickr app for iPhone. Thousands of quilt pictures whenever I want!

Exhibit B: camera phone. Taking pictures of works in progress allows me to remember where I was months later when I pick them back up. Also helps me keep things straight as I sew, without continually having to lay things back out. Less up and down from the machine.

Exhibit C: Sketchbook Express iPhone app. Allows me to sketch ideas as I have them. Whenever they strike!


holly k said...

fun stuff!! makes me want an iphone! I've heard of some other apps for the iphone too that are quilting related...one gives you yardage of material based on size, etc...

Nancy said...

Thanks for the tip. Will look for that app for my iPhone. Don't you love yours!!??

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