January 18, 2011

Wedding quilt progress

I've finished strip piecing the arc sections for the wedding quilt. Here they are placed end to end. The sections are not sewn together yet, so that's why the curves aren't quite right. To get over my dislike of some of these fabrics I added a few others. A couple shot cottons, and a few fabrics collected on international adventures.

Here's a section on the background fabric I picked out a year or two ago. I used my new Kona color card to identify it as Stone. I wonder if it is a little dreary but I am officially done obsessing about this quilt. I decided that there are lots of worse ways a wife could disappoint her husband than by making him a less than awesome wedding quilt. And anyway, if he doesn't like it that much then I get to make another quilt for our bed instead. Win-win.

A shot of the back to show how I'm doing it. The "s" is for "small". I used both the letters and different foundation fabrics to help me tell the arcs from the larger and smaller circles apart. I started at one end of each arc section and added strips in a sew and flip method, pressing after the addition of each strip. Next I'll trim them with a 1/4" seam allowance and sew the sections together. Then assemble a backing and applique the arcs by hand. I can't wait to see how it looks all laid out!

In non-quilt news, we seem to be a part of two concurrent experiments:
-What happens to a family when a toddler coughs all night at 45-second intervals.
-What happens to a family when the song "Tiki tiki room" is played all day at 5-minute intervals.

If these were real studies they would never have cleared the ethics board.


Jill said...

The quilt is going to be super cool - the logistics of it scare me though, you're brave. So, you may think this is weird being in the medical field and all - but for toddler night coughing, try putting a generous amount of vicks vapo rub on the bottom of her feet then put cotton socks over it. I know, weird, but it works for us! Good luck...

Suzanne said...

I like your approach to the quilt.

Megan said...

Do I see some toddler additions to your design wall?

Mary Keasler said...

I just absolutely love this. Looking forward to seeing more and more.

bunbear said...

boy, do i remember nights like that... my kids are less than 12 months apart and it felt like i didn't sleep for two years. they are 20 and 21 now, and there are still nights i don't sleep because of them - for different reasons! haha. hang in there, it gets easier!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing your quilt finished. It looks like it is going to turn out awesome.

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