June 14, 2010

If it was a year ago

Then it would have been the perfect time to have completed this onesie! I think dandelions are so pretty. Probably because I don't take care of the yard.

I machine sewed the muslin dandelion heads with a raw edge and embroidered the seeds a year ago but only just got those stems embroidered this week (thinking of my friend Laura, embroidery muse, the whole time). A sweet little finish too late to fit my little one. So, breeders, next one with a girl is probably getting this.


Dolly said...

So cute !
What is the dandelion circle made of?
Is it stuffed underneath?

Maiasaura said...

oh, thank you for the shout out! fun, fun. i love this onesie very much. adorable design. some sweet baby will be lucky to have it.

Anonymous said...

Totally love that dandelion shirt! It is definitely going in my ideas folder. :)

Valntyn said...

I am completely in love with this!

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