July 22, 2010

Chirp if you love green!

This is my block to inspire my bee mates in "Sew Scrappy Sew Happy" for July - my month! My inspiration is the forest, with little bits of sky and sunlight peeping through. Improvised log cabins are so freeing. Making a block feels like making a little masterpiece. I really do ponder each scrap. Just imagine Winnie the Poo poking his head and muttering "think, think, think".

This quilt was the answer to two equally important questions. What do I do with this bird fabric from Ikea?  And, why is my stack of green fabrics so much taller than all my other stacks?

Problems solved! Here are the little strips in their not-too-carefully considered piles. I am thrilled to see how this all goes down.


Juliejaz said...

Chirp! I love green and that cute block with the bird. My green stack in my stash is much larger than other colors.

Gray said...

Chirp!! I have the same fabric from ikea- both the birdie ones.. I love it!! I made a skirt from the black and white one and the kids at work really like it (I figure it is something like a wearable colouring in sheet) and the green one... yes, good question- What on earth to do with it?! I love your green log cabins!! I wish I had more green- I have lots of blue.

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