July 03, 2010


This is the first quilt I've completed in over a year and a half! The baby it was made for is nine months old. Whatever. I feel like a million bucks for having it completed.

This is another group quilt by our collective of intrepid quilters. Prior quilts are here, here and here. Like the other quilts, a theme was chosen: numbers. Each quilter chose a number to represent. Blocks were delivered to me along with scraps of the fabric used. I divided the scraps into four color groups to construct the borders. Prior coverage of the quilting in the borders is here.

I bordered each individual block in yellow. The quilt is bound in a fabric from the train block, it is the same stripey binding as I used in this quilt. Unlike prior group quilts, the layout of this one was predetermined, as the blocks were to go in numerical order. I can't believe how wonderfully that turned out, with some red in each corner, and two blue blocks and two green blocks balancing each other out on opposite sides of the center. Perfect serendipity.The quilters are far and wide and while some got to see it in person today, others will have to settle for online unveiling, so below each block's creator is identified. The final size is 50 x 51 inches.

 By Sandra.

By Laura. I'm proud of the lighthearted cloud quilting.Those balloons look so real!

By Natalie.

By Kara. See the little quilted train tracks?

By Katie. The background fabric is more lavendar than the blue it appears in this picture. I was not impressed with my quilting on this block, I did it in a rush, while hubby watched the baby just-15-more-minutes. Of course, this is the block where my thread choice makes the quilting stand out more than all the others. Oh well.

By Anna.Quilting this one was fun.

 By Monica. This quilter tried to make seven flowers. That didn't work out so she delivered me a number seven instead. I quilted in seven butterflies to keep everything on the up and up.

 By Bree. I am 100% in love with the leaves I quilted on the tree. They look so sweet against those fabulous little lemons.

By me! I hand embroidered those little seeds on the watermelon.

The background is the green print shown above. It is finished with a handwritten label. These quilts are folk art. Most of the contributors are not quilters. I love that they just jumped in and sewed! I hope it inspires others to just sew stuff together. You don't need expensive fabric, books, patterns or classes. You need fabric, a needle and thread.

 I have more to show you about this quilt. I'm not like those quilting bloggers that have a new quilt to show you every week. So I'm gonna stretch this one out over a couple posts. See you next time!


Unknown said...

What a gorgeous quilt Christina. I love the way you've put the different stripes on each border. Well done. I might borrow that idea!! Look forward to more photos

Barbara said...

The body of the quilt is utterly beautiful in the detail of the squares - gorgeous. The border is OUTSTANDING - awesome !

Megan said...

Wonderful quilt! I love that you do "theme" quilting in each block - what a tremendous amount of work. I'm sure this will be loved for generations.

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