July 31, 2010

This Bernina is HOT

Well, the pedal is hot, and not in a good way. Here you can see me stopped, suddenly and without warning, mid-project. While taking stock of the situation I touched the pedal and it was hot hot hot. Overheated? Possibly. I calmly but efficiently embarked upon a rash of phone calls, soul searching, number crunching and sewing machine review reading.

Hours later, with the pedal cool again, the machine ran again just fine. But for how long? This Bernina 830  threw an equally annoying fit two years ago. I am considering my options. The little one is going to be accompanying me to lots of sewing machine shops, that's all I know for sure. It will all work out.


carolyn said...

My beloved Bernina 830 did the same thing and I had to replace the whole pedal mechanism ($$) but it's still chugged along for years. But I hear with a recent flood parts for the older machines are not easily available so when it started skipping stitches I started looking around.I got the Bernina 430--bottom of this line of the machines made in switzerland, added a walking foot for (gasp) under $2K---I LOVE it and hopefully it will last me another 30 years

Unknown said...

Oh no! Poor thing. I know when my machine broke I was kinda lost for days!

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Poor baby! Hope you get it figured out. I have a 830 too. Mine came with the replacement petal that was metal vs the bernina one. It always runs a little warm but I just took it as part of the temperment of that pedal. Now you have me worried.

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