July 17, 2010

Reconned toddler dress

My favorite sewing is sewing that doesn't involve hemming. Oh yeah, or patterns. I hate those things.

Sewing old tee shirts into new things fits the bill nicely.

I wrestled my daughter into this as soon as it was done and she immediately tried to pull it back over her head. "Ah! Ah!" She cried, telling me to take it off.

Apparantly I had not left enough arm room. But a quick trip to the sewing room and problem solved.

This is the only process pic I took but you can pretty much figure it out from this one picture. Sew sleeves to front and back corners. Sew up side seams - but not all the way or the arm holes will not be big enough. Fold inward all around the neckline and inner sleeves to sew one continuous casing and insert elastic. Done. Three steps. Maybe a few more. Who's counting?

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